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Advantages of the HCG Diet

Angelo Consiglio

Over the course of more than 10 years, Angelo Consiglio, MD, has worked with patients as an ear, nose, and throat doctor. Dr. Angelo Consiglio also has completed training in physician weight loss management, which includes the use of the HCG diet for rapid weight loss. There are a number of advantages to this diet.

Firstly, the diet does not require exercise to lose weight. By sticking to a 500-calorie intake, alongside the daily injections of HCG hormone, you will experience weight loss without needing to make time for intense physical activity.

There is also variety available. The traditional HCG diet is administered using injections, however, a drop diet is also available. The latter involves taking drops of the hormone orally, usually three times a day and at least 20 minutes before or after you eat.

The major benefit for most is the effectiveness and speed of the HCG diet. There are a number of diet protocols, with the 90-day version potentially leading to 90 pounds of weight lost by the end.


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